Imagination helps us see, the glorious realities that await us.

Imagination helps us see the glorious realities that await us. A positive imagination helps us, by showing us the things that are possible. For example, building castles in Romania or Spain should not be seen as a pointless or dangerous passage of time. First you build the castle in your subconscious, then you shape your wishes on paper or computer, then you anchor them deep in your work and eventually they become reality.
Legitimate imagination is creative and gives reality to the desires and then to the desired work itself. In the evening, before going to bed, stop for a few moments. Sit and dream according to your heart’s desire. A day of real activity can end, harmlessly and usefully, with a daydream. Do not be at all afraid of what the imagination legitimizes, for without imagination, peoples and individuals perish. The purity of imagination has not been given to us in vain, behind it lies a reality.
These retrospective glimpses of the imagination are possible for us, so that we do not become discouraged by our own journeys and disappointments. I am thinking of the legitimate desire to see how our whole personality develops and the possibility of reproducing in our everyday lives the pattern we have imagined in our noblest moments.

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