With an optimistic attitude be sure that you will achieve your goal.

With an optimistic attitude be sure that you will achieve your goal, whatever you try to do in life being good and doing good things, you will find with surprise how much your qualities develop and how much your whole being progresses.

When man and woman in general, once took the habit of feeding only with cheerful, happy and encouraging thoughts, he can not do otherwise. I repeat, if our children could find this habit of feeding themselves daily as it is normal and otherwise to have only cheerful, happy and encouraging thoughts, the orientation of civilization would change quickly and we would make positive progress. The thoughts of the people thus formed would always be able to realize the possibilities in the highest degree and to rise above the entanglements, evils and thousands of enemies of our peace, of our inner comfort, of our social unity and of our success on all levels throughout our lives on this earth.

With the belief that the future reserves us only good things, such as that we will be happy and that we will prosper, that we will have a beautiful family, an agreeable home and that we will be ready for any eventuality, here is the best capital of all that we are and with which we can venture into life. Desire begins to be an incentive, only when it turns into lasting decision. Desire united with a solid decision gives birth to that creative power that translates into practical result. Without interruption we increase or shrink or again and we increase our powers, through the quality of our thoughts, of our emotions, of our intrinsic ideal, the understanding that the intensity and steadfastness of desire give the power to do good things.

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